Stone Mountain Home Improvements Pops Increasing Home Value

Stone Mountain Home Improvement pops increasing home value. Here is four home improvement that helps to increase selling price. I’m often asked by a seller in Stone Mountain is the home improvement investment worth the return when selling my home? I have renovated renovating homes for over five years, the home we renovated sold for a higher price.

Renovation helps a home sell for a higher value.

Four minor home improvements to help your home value if you’re working with a limited budget:

  • Painting
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Countertop replacement
  • Carpet

Break your home improvement up into project goals. Set a goal of completing a home improvement project once a year or two years. A little make up goes a long way when you paint your house it makes the home smile, while helping to update the value of the home. The home improvements with the greatest return on investment on a limited budget is painting. When your home is painted it makes the home appear more modern.

  • If you decide to hire a professional Painter to do the work, expect to pay $3,600 to $6,000 for the interior of an average American house (about 2,400 square feet). An exterior paint job will run $5,000 or more. Do it yourself if you know how paint.
  • Wallpaper removal cost between $250-$500 or more. If wallpaper is smooth, you won’t have to remove it and just paint over it.
  • Countertop cost average Laminate – For prefabricated counters the cost is roughly $36 to $45 per linear foot Solid Surfacing (including the famous Corian and Formica materials) – For a 1.5″ thickness the average cost will be from $40 to $80 per square foot; Installation cost $500-$1500. Granite countertop is becoming more of the norm when upgrading a kitchen. The average cost off granite is 29 to 39 sq. ft including installation depending on the size of your kitchen.
  • Replacement cost of 2000 sq. ft. of Carpet estimate around $2500-$3000


The improvements will help make your home look fresh, updated and bring a higher value when selling. If you would like a referral for someone give me call.

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